drupa print media fair - International Trade Fair for premedia/print, premedia/multichannel, post press/converting/packaging, future technologies, materials, equipment/services/infrastructure - 31st May to 10th June 2016 - Messe Düsseldorf

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No. 1 for your business success

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No. 1 for your business success

ESMA pavilions at drupa 2016

drupa 2016 - Post Show Report

Post Show Report
drupa 2016: Success all across the board

Post Show Report | drupa 2016: Success all across the board

Final press release: drupa 2016 is a resounding success - excellent business deals concluded in an outstanding investment climate. Top marks for drupa 2016.

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Final press release drupa 2016 a resounding success

drupa 2016 Recap Visitors and exhibitors alike satisfied

3D fab + print Innovations, Visions & Best-Practices

drupa Sticks to Proven 4-Year Cycle  - The No. 1 trade fair for print and cross-media solutions to be held in Düsseldorf again from 23 June to 3 July 2020.

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drupa 2020 drupa sticks to 4-year cycle

The latest statements from drupa exhibitors
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drupa live Statements from drupa exhibitors

Keynote from George R. Hearst III, Hearst New York,  on the occasion of the drupa Diamond Dinner read more

Rede von George R. Hearst III Anlässlich des drupa Diamond Dinners

drupa 2016 drupa is back in town

drupa daily – always up-to-date

drupa daily will deliver up-to-date information in English and German, responding informatively and competently to events at drupa.

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drupa daily Immer up-to-date

Print yourself!

A few years ago a bust was an elaborate monument to a king, emperor or queen, usually made of precious stone and available at lavish prices. That was then. Thanks to futuristic, three-dimensional scanning and printing technology anyone can create a torso of himself or – why so modest? - a full-body statue.

3D-Printing Print yourself!

Hostesses at the trade fair


Experience drupa live every day. On our portal you will find pictures and impressions of the trade fair and of all special shows. Don't miss it!

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Impressions See it all firsthand!

Print is a market with a future!

For drupa, Bolza-Schünemann, Koenig & Bauer (KBA) AG, announces new solutions with regard to analog and digital packaging printing, industrial printing and the digital networking towards Print 4.0.

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Print is a market with a future! Interview with Claus Bolza-Schünemann, KBA

drupa 2016 on the track of success

drupa 2016 is on the right track. The leading trade fair has reached all original goals and has even surpassed them. An interview with Sabine Geldermann, director drupa. Mehr dazu

drupa 2016 on the track of success Interview with Sabine Geldermann, director drupa

3rd drupa Global Trends report: Optimism for growth in 2016

3rd drupa Global Trends report -- drupa Trade Fair - 31 May - 10 June 2016 - Messe Düsseldorf

With just weeks to go before drupa 2016 opens, the results of the 3rd drupa Global Trends report have been published. The report finds that although recovery from the financial crisis in 2008 is incomplete and uneven, printers everywhere are increasingly optimistic about their prospects throughout 2016, despite tightening margins and falling prices. This is influencing their plans for investment in production equipment.

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3rd Global Trends Report Analysis and trends of the print industry

The future of print Statements on the occasion of the drupa Media Conference.

The waiting has been worthwile. The drupa song 2016 is now online. The world premiere of the drupa song was on February 29th, 2016 - live on Periscope. Listen to it now!

drupa song 2016 The drupa song 2016 is online!

Touch the future - Applications that can create growth
Demand for print has dropped in recent years, in part because of the recession, in part because of the impact of digital communications. Despite this there are strong reasons to be confident about the future of the global printing industry, but only if the industry adapts its products and services to the changing demands of consumers. This report highlights strategic shifts in global demographics, economics and consumer lifestyles that will fundamentally change the demand for print. Read more

2nd drupa Global Insights Report Applications that can create growth

Exhibitors & Products 2016

The entire world of print and crossmedia at one trade fair! In 19 trade fair halls, about 1,650 exhibitors from over 50 countries present innovative business models, best-practice examples, future-oriented concepts and technological innovations and solutions for your business.

Find exhibitors & products at drupa 2016!

Exhibitors & Products All exhibitors & products at drupa 2016.

drupa cube

drupa cube: innovative conference programme at drupa 2016

Visitors to drupa 2016  will experience an exciting new approach to innovation in print when they stop by the drupa cube.

to drupa cube

drupa cube Innovative conference programme at drupa 2016

drupa switches to a three-year cycle

drupa switches to a three-year cycle
drupa, the world's leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions, will switch to a three-year cycle after 2016. This decision was taken by the drupa committee at today's meeting in Düsseldorf in acknowledgement of contracting innovation cycles and future technologies. The precise dates haven't yet been finalised, but we can confirm that drupa will take place in the traditional drupa month of May in 2019, 2022 and 2025 in Düsseldorf.
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Der Digitaldruck-Kongress der Verbände Druck und Medien New: three-year cycle Decision was taken by the drupa committee.

drupa newsroom - the daily drupa blog !

Read the latest news on the highlight themes print - packaging production - multichannel - green printing - 3D printing - functional printing in our blog. drupa newsroom

drupa newsroom The daily drupa blog!

Highlight themes

State-of-the-art technologies and new solutions for the highlight themes of print, functional printing, packaging production, multichannel, 3D printing and green printing. Read more

Highlight themes New highlights for more attention

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drupa 2016 is a resounding success: excellent business deals concluded in an outstanding investment climate

10/06/2016 - The atmosphere at drupa 2016, the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for print and crossmedia solutions, can hardly be topped: the investment climate is extremely good and has far exceeded all expectations. read more

Young Linguist awarded drupa Prize 2016

09/06/2016 - Dr. Zsófia Gyarmathy has received the drupa Prize 2016 for her doctoral thesis on a special grammar phenomenon in the English language so far not sufficiently researched by science. drupa recognised the 32-year old Hungarian for her doctoral thesis “Achievements, Durativity and Scales”. read more

drupa Sticks to Proven 4-Year Cycle

07/06/2016 - The world’s biggest and most important trade fair for print and crossmedia solutions sticks to its proven four-year cycle and will be held again in Düsseldorf from Tuesday, 23 June, to Friday, 3 July 2020. With this decision Messe Düsseldorf is responding to the numerous demands voiced by exhibiting industry players. read more

Touchpoint packaging@drupa 2016: tailor-made programme for brand owners, marketers, designers & print service providers

25/05/2016 - Touchpoint packaging will be the hot spot for packaging at drupa 2016. Some 30 exhibitors and cooperation partners as well as twelve other industry representatives, brand owners such as Nestlé or design and communication agencies will present current and future trends in the form of lectures, panel discussions or workshops. read more

Düsseldorf becomes drupacity:

19/05/2016 - When the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre once again becomes the hot spot for the print media industry during drupa (31 May to 10 June), the city will also cordially welcome the hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world. Düsseldorf will be painted red with numerous activities as the metropolis on the Rhine is transformed into drupacity. read more

drupa innovation park 2016:

19/05/2016 - To the tune of 130 exhibitors will be presenting their innovations related to workflow, automation, print technologies and their strategic cooperation models, marketing platforms and business models at the drupa innovation park in six theme parks, in the freely accessible stage programme and in daily interviews at the dip energy lounge. read more

Interview: Frans Johansson, CEO „The Medici Group“

12/05/2016 - Frans Johansson caused somewhat of a furor with his 2004 book "The Medici Effect," and since then has been the go-to expert for the concepts of thinking and acting outside fixed limits and the "out-of-the-box principle." read more

touchpoint 3D fab + print: Visionary ideas, best cases and hands-on state of the art

04/05/2016 - The touchpoint 3D fab + print will be a meeting point for all drupa visi-tors wanting to learn in detail about 3D printing. This special show in Hall 7a (Stand C41) will be all about 3D technologies for a wide range of application industries and their market potential. read more

drupa cube 2016: Inspiration and innovation in some 60 keynotes, panel discussions and presentations from international experts

27/04/2016 - Boasting some 60 keynote speeches, panel discussions and presentations drupa cube, the event and congress destination at drupa 2016 (Hall 6, Stand D03), is a-buzz with know-how, inspiration and innovation. read more

Print Power to Publish Special Edition for drupa 2016

05/04/2016 - In addition to being a launch pad for new products or applications for the print and crossmedia industries, drupa is also an effective global platform and industry focal point for important initiatives. Print Power is a dynamic and successful campaign which plays a vital role in communicating the effectiveness of print media to brand owners, advertising and media agencies. read more

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