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More service facilities - "go public online"!

"Go public online"

New: even more service facilities in „go public online“

We have extended our Internet service in order to make a lot of things easier for you. With the new “go public online” package we will provide you with practical tools which you can use for your communication in the run-up to the fair. All the files have the required printing quality and can be easily downloaded free of charge. You can find each of the corresponding short links for download in the right-hand margin next to the illustrations of the corresponding advertising media.

For your individualization:
the drupa logo, exhibition grounds and hall layout plan

Individualization makes it really easy to give your communication that special touch.

• You can directly integrate the individualized logo with a reference to your hall and stand number in your E-mails or Internet page for example or load it on your computer and continue to use it for your fair invitations.

• The same convenient process is available to you for the exhibition grounds plan. This also shows a hall layout overview in which your stand is highlighted in colour and text with your hall and stand number.

• Just as easy: downloading the hall layout plan, in which your stand is highlighted in colour and text with your hall and stand number.

• Your exhibitor microsite is just one click away. Our professionally designed exhibitor microsite, which is customised by us for each exhibitor, allows you to provide your customers with key information on drupa and your stand at a glance. Built-in features include your company logo, a welcome text, an easy-to-read hall map as well as a list of your products and services.


Individualize your logo

For other ways to use the drupa logo, please see the Corporate Design Manual.

free of charge

Download at:


Exhibition grounds and hall layout plan

free of charge
Languages: D/GB

Download at:


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