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03 May 2012 - print-web-mobile

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Thursday, 03 May 2012 - print-web-mobile

From social media through mobile marketing up to print - tips and trends: In practice, this is what media convergence looks like today

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Jürgen Scharrer
10:15 Print in the Digital Era: How I learned to stop worrying and love the iPad
Benny Landa, the father of digital commercial printing, shares his insights about the printing industry, past, present and future. Recent years have seen a decline in the commercial printing industry. Yet digital press vendors - and their customers - appear to be flourishing. The next decade – the iPad decade - will be quite a different story…
Benny Landa
Landa Corporation
10:45 Media convergence in practice
Combining print, the Web and mobile media. Using print content to monetise Web traffic. What is the magazine format of the future and how can publishers achieve it?
Holger Meyer
11:.15 How does a multi-channel advertising campaign come into being and how does it work?
It is no longer possible to reach customers using traditional campaign methods alone. In this highly digitalised world, 360° campaigns offer new opportunities for advertisers. True to the motto ‘the consumer is the actor, the company is the medium’, social media will in future become more important.
Thomas Zich
Wunderknaben Kommunikation GmbH
12:00 Paper – cross-medial marketing
Axel Scheufelen will be explaining the Metapaper business model and its marketing approach using cross-media communication. Metapaper is Europe’s first online service platform for paper and printing.
Dr. Axel Scheufelen
Metapaper GmbH & Co. KG
12:30 Print media is interactive
This presentation will show ways print media can increase its effectiveness. So-called “bridging technologies” as QR codes, Augmented Reality and NFC do not only link print media to online media, they also increase the interactivity of print media.
Ulbe Jelluma
Print Power
13:00 The strengths of print in the digital world
Print has key strengths which digital media do not: 1. Print has an in-depth effect, because journalistic content truly interests the readers. 2. Print is specific, reaching the precise target group defined. 3. Print is long-term, efficiently generating steady and lasting effects.
Dr. Adrian Weser
Bauer Media Group
13:30 Break  

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