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AmbaFlex Specialty Conveyors
De Corantijn 81
1689 AN Zwaag, Netherlands
P.O. Box 94
1620 AB Zwaag, Netherlands

Phone: +31-229 28 51 30
Fax: +31-229 28 51 31

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Company Profile

AmbaFlex, the ''Global Leader in Supply of Specialty Conveyors'' is known as an innovative company in the material-handling field. The spiral elevators, flexible conveyors or dynamic accumulators fulfil a key role in many packaging, bottling and printing lines as well as a logistical link in distribution. AmbaFlex is a component supplier with a network of sales and service offices over the continents. With a continuous focus on the development of Specialty Conveyors with high added value, AmbaFlex leads within the niche markets served.