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Unnauer Weg 6c
50767 Köln, Germany
71 08 16
50748 Köln, Germany

Phone: +49-221 97 94 79-0
Fax: +49-221 97 94 79-48
Fax: +49 221 97 94 79 9

Interactive Plan

Folex Reprojet ES-CL - iPad (0:45)
Folex GO-HC - iPad (0:42)
Folex Folacoat Ultra T - iPad (0:38)
Company Figures
Number of employees100-499
Year of foundation1961
Area of business
  • Prepress and Premedia
  • Print
  • Paper and substrates
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Folex - Scope of Supply

The Folex Group specialises in the finishing and coating of films and specialities and has production companies based in Switzerland and Germany that offer high-quality products and tailor-made services for a wide variety of markets.

Folex dynamically adapt its portfolio to changing customer needs and technical developments. Based on its core competence, coating, Folex constantly work on optimising existing products to develop new potential applications for different technologies.

Today Folex offers solutions for many sectors, from the printing industry or digital and large-format printing, the office and home sector, all the way to primary products for the electronics industry. In addition to which, Folex has also developed extensive skills in membrane separation technology.