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Axial GmbH
Gartenstraße 70
01445 Radebeul, Germany

Phone: +49-351 8 38 48 65
Fax: +49-351 8 38 48 66

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Product Categories
Mounting and registering systems 1 Product
Reel slitting and rewinding machines 1 Product
Machines for the production of die-cutting formes  
Embossing formes  
Measuring/scanning tables for colour charts and printed sheets  
FokusAxial H106

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The positioning system FokusAXIAL H106 serves to speed up the process of mounting clichés at highest register accuracy for

- Hot foil stamping

- Hologram stamping and

- Cold embossing.

The FokusAXIAL H106 comprises two main components, a positioning table for cliché mounting and a lifting table for safe mounting plate storage. It is suited for heavy mounting plates, wich can be put on the lifting table and on the positioning table by means of a crane.

The actual cliché position is detected by a high-resolution camera and compared with the desired target position in the digital master copy, wich makes it possible for clichés to be positioned swiftly and exactly. The positioning process is visualised on the monitor and can be controlled via a touch screen.

Handling is very easy, touch screen operation is comprehensible, and results are convincing.


- Up to 90% time saving for set-up thanks to easy handling and transparent positioning procedere.

- Less machine downtime, because the clichés are mounted on the positioning table outside the converting machine.

- Highest positioning precision of the clichés, because te target position is already shown with temperature correction.

- Environmentally compatible and profitable production thanks to foil saving and less maculation.

Adaptation to the warp of printed sheets.


- The FokusAXIAL H106 is generally suited for all flat-bed stamping machines.

- Thanks to its modular design, it can be apadted very flexibly to your specific needs.

- Optionally available: camera protection when lifting the mounting plate.



FolAXIAL 850

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The tailoring system for hot and cold foils

Your offer your customers hot and cold foil finishing and wish to become more flexible, to react more quickly and to operate mor economical? The FolAXIAL 850 is the only device of its kind on the market that gives you to the possibility to cut the actually needed foil lengths an widths off a stock roll.

Hot and cold foil rolls with a diameter of up to 340mm and a width of up to 850mm (on 1" or 3" cores) can be processed and rewound to process core.


Foil web having the total width of all required foils is unwound from the stock roll and cut to the desired length. During the same winding operation, which takes about 15 minutes, the web is cut lengthwise, so that you get for example eight foil rolls of the needed width and length as a result. The machine ensures consistent web tension and thus excellent winding quality.

The FolAXIAL 850 allows you to process stock rolls, rewinding from 3" to 1" or 3" cores and quick provision of tailored hot and cold foils.


The stock roll is loaded from atop into a drawer, which can be inserted into the machine easily.

The raedy foil rolls are simply taken off from the take-up winder shaft, which can be turned out for this. The machine is operated from one side, so that the FoilAXIAL 850 does not require much space and can be adapted easily to your need.