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AFEIGRAF - Associação dos Agentes de Fornecedores de Equipamentos e Insumos para a Indústria Gráfica
Rua Brig. Gama Barcelos, 177 - Sala B - Jd. Jabaquara
Sao Paulo/SP/CEP 04355-070, Brazil

Phone: +55-11 55 24-87 79
Fax: +55-11 55 24-87 79

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Company Profile
About Us

Founded on March 26th 2004, AFEIGRAF is an abreviation for the Association of Manufacturers and Agents for Equipments and Supplies for the Brazilian Graphic Industry.

From its initial proposal, AFEIGRAF´s objective has always been based in serving as an entity which could represent - before both the national and international markets, as well as beside other national and foreign graphic associations - the interests of manufacturers and agents of the main graphic tecnology brands in prepress, press, postpress and consumables, further supporting and sponsoring related activities in connection with professional education for the industry, divulgation of new technologies and incentives for social and environmental projects.

Some of the main manufacturers and agents of graphic solutions in Brazil are among AFEIGRAF founders: Agfa, Alphaprint, Comprint, Day Brasil, Deltagraf, Ferrostaal do Brasil, Gutenberg, Heidelberg, Kalmaq, Müller Martini, QI Press Controls, Rotatek Brasil, Spindler do Brasil e Sun Chemical.