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Verlag: Whitmar Publications

Ansprechpartner: Lindsey Pearson

Anschrift: 30 London Road, Southborough, Kent, TN4 0RE

Telefon: 0044 (0)1892 779595

E-mail: lindsey.p@whitmar.co.uk

Erscheinungsweise: 8 issues per year

Auflage: 5000

Zielgruppen: Narrow, medium and wide web printers associated with the flexogrpahic printing process. Covering all areas of the supply chain.

Themen: News, installations, case studies, technical articles, company portraits, views from around the world, opinion pieces and columns, show reveiws and debates.

Verbreitungsgebiet: Mostly UK and Europe

Sprache(n): English

Internetadresse: www.flexotechmag.com