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Magyar Grafica

Verlag: Papír- és Nyomdaipari Műszaki Egyesület (Hungarian Technical Association of Paper and Printing Industry)

Ansprechpartner: Viktória Faludi

Anschrift: 1135 Budapest, Tahi utca 53-59

Telefon: +36305207857


Erscheinungsweise: Six times annually+ extras

Auflage: 2000

Zielgruppen: Target groups for the printing industry and for joining other professional fields. Sixty-eight per cent of our readership has a higher graduation, and are working in responsible positions in the printing industry. Our Magazine is published for private and legal members of the Association, for subscribers of the magazine, as well as for research, and developing institutes, libraries, and museums.

Themen: Flexo, pre-, and post-press, value-added printing, color-management, printing processes, basic, and auxiliary materials, packaging, history of our profession, success stories, education and training, printers portraits

Verbreitungsgebiet: Hungary

Sprache(n): hungarian