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Revista Tecnologia Gráfica

Verlag: Gramani Editora

Ansprechpartner: Plinio Gramani

Anschrift: R. Marquês de Paranaguá, 348, 1 and, 01303-905, São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Telefon: (55 11) 3159.3010

Fax: (55 11) 3256-0919


Erscheinungsweise: Trimonthly

Auflage: 7.000 copies

Zielgruppen: Industrial directors, managers, production chiefs, supervisors, printers from all kinds of Brazilian graphic arts industries, including the Prepress, Printing and Post-press areas

Themen: Articles and news on products, processes, and technological innovations, as well as articles signed by important industry specialists.

Verbreitungsgebiet: All over Brasil

Sprache(n): Portuguese