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Japan Printer

Verlag: Insatsu Gakkai Shuppanbu Ltd.

Ansprechpartner: Kan NAKAMURA

Anschrift: 4-2-1 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 104-0032

Telefon: +81-3-3555-7911

Telfax: +81-3-3555-7913

E-mail: naka@japanprinter.co.jp

Erscheinungsweise: monthly

Auflage: 6500

Zielgruppen: managers, executives and engineers of printing companies, bookbinderies, graphic designers, editors, students, etc.

Themen: introduction about printing science and technology, technical information applied to field work. introduction of printing machinery and materials, factory in various countries. introduction of the machinery and materials produced (classified in to machinery, ink, paper, material and others). marketing information about printing, others

Verbreitungsgebiet: Japan 93%, USA 2%, Germany 1%, China 2%, Korea 2%

Sprache(n): Japanese

Internetadresse: www.japanprinter.co.jp