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Technology of Imaging Magazine

Verlag: Technology of Imaging Ltd.

Ansprechpartner: Mrs. Tatyana Merkuryeva/ Hr. Eugene Lutz

Anschrift: Nurmakov Str. 30, Off. 2

Telefon: +7 /727/ 250 96 69

Telfax: +7 /727/ 250 97 52


Erscheinungsweise: 4 times/ year

Auflage: 2500 pcs

Zielgruppen: Owners, directors, managers and technicians of printing houses and ads agencies, pre-press and design bureaus, publishing houses

Themen: Polygraphic and publishing technologies (digital, offset, flexographic printing and consumables), new, reviews and tests

Verbreitungsgebiet: Consumables suppliers, pre-and-post press suppliers, international polygraphic representatives, printing houses and publishing houses, VIP distribution to owners, directors of leading printing houses, publishing houses and ads agencies

Sprache(n): Russian