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iCorona: Just press start

Vetaphone launches the intelligent corona generator, iCorona, automating virtually every part of the corona process, except pressing the start button.

For an industry constantly on the lookout for clever ways to trim and streamline the production, Vetaphone’s new iCorona surely is worth a closer study. The Danish corona supplier now offers features such as automatically generated quality reports, auto maintenance schedules and online instruction manuals – all designed to optimise production quality while reducing operator time. And naturally, the iCorona offers full auto matching, as all corona generators from Vetaphone.

- Each feature is really a detail, but as they say: Beauty lies in the details. The combined features of the iCorona enable manufacturers to control, monitor, and log every bit of the corona process while minimising operator time by automating a lot of functions, states Mr. Jan Eisby, Sales Director at Vetaphone.

No manual matching Like all corona generators from Vetaphone, the efficiency and reliability of the iCorona are a matter of course, and as with its predecessors no manual matching is needed. While measuring both the thickness of the substrate, material width and line speed, the iCorona automatically adjusts the power in accordance with the material factor set by the operator.

- If the line speed drops the generator will automatically adjust the power level. At minimum line speed the iCorona will automatically stop, and the instance the line speed increases the generator restarts, explains Mr. Eisby.

Log every batch And every stop, start, or fault is automatically logged in the memory of the iCorona, enabling manufacturers to extract a full electronic production report with each batch produced, and even supply it to customers.

- Imagine the reaction of your customers when every batch you supply is followed by an automatically generated production report stating for instance: This material has been corona treated with a material factor of 19,5. No production stops, no faults, suggests Mr. Eisby.

Automated maintenance Proper maintenance ensures both maximum life span of the generator, the quality of the corona treatment, and prevention of sudden down time due to failure. But proper maintenance also means remembering the scheduled service intervals.

- Overlooking service intervals is the most common cause when it comes to poor performance and breakdowns. We are now responding to this problem as every single iCorona can be programmed with an individual maintenance schedule, and a system message will remind the operator to perform the scheduled tasks at the next line stop, tells Mr. Eisby.

If the operator fails to do the tasks the lack of maintenance is stored in the log and will appear in the next quality report.

As simple as start and stop Naturally, the intuitive and simple to use touch display of the iCorona has multilingual possibilities and suits the major spoken languages worldwide. The main screen is as simple as four buttons: Start, Stop, Power up, Power down – but still provides access to a large number of valuable features, such as online instruction manuals and maintenance videos. It even allows you to download a detailed log to send to Vetaphone’s support for inspection in case of problems – or to upgrade onsite with new software, parameters, or manuals.

- So really, all you have to do is press “start” – and let the iCorona guide you through the rest of the process, states Mr. Eisby.

Please contact Vetaphone at +45 7630 0333 or for further information.

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