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Polyurethanklebstoffe (PUR)

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Quality and Service – Worldwide on the highest level!
COIM Corporate operates in the speciality chemicals sector, founded in 1962, Sales 2015: (850 Mio EUR) with 3 main business areas, specialised in polycondensation products (esters), polyaddition (polyurethanes) and several other chemical specialty products. More than 950 employees worldwide with more than 20 nationalities in the group. Production capacity and efficiency on the highest level with Manufacturing plants Coim S.p.A – Offanengo (CR) in Italy, Brazil, USA, Singapore, India (System house) and in Germany (Technical Service Center).

The Novacote Flexpack Division represent a complete range with 4 main product groups.

Novacote Laminating Adhesives for flexible packaging classified in terms of performance.
General purpose: for snack food and confectionery
Medium performance: for coffee pouches, liquid soaps, cosmetics, sauces and condiments, laminates with moderate thermal treatments.
High performance: for retort applications, hot fill / boil in bag, etc.

  • DRUPA NEWS: SF 2-component Fast Curing System
  • DRUPA NEWS: SB 2-component Super High Solid System
  • DRUPA NEWS: SB 2-component High Performance System

Novacote Coatings include a complete range of Gloss Packaging Varnishes, Primers, Heat Seal Coatings, Epoxy Lacquers used in the food packaging industry and Graphic Arts - Laminating Adhesives.

  • DRUPA NEWS: Combi Heat Seal Coatings

Novacote Industrial Adhesives include a complete range of polyurethane adhesives for technical laminates in common application like cable industry, insulation materials or solar panels.

  • DRUPA NEWS: SB 2-component High Performance System

Novacote Thermoplastic Polyurethane for use in the manufacture of flexographic and gravure inks.



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