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drupa 2016 Geländeplan: Halle 7


Jos Claes

Executive board/managing director
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR


+32 11 87 42 03


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  • 01.01  Software für Publishing
  • 01.01.055  Software für Katalogproduktion

Software für Katalogproduktion

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Software für Workflow und Datenhandling
  • 01.02.095  Web-to-print Lösungen
  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.04  Software für Verpackungsvorstufe
  • 01.04.015  Software für Verpackungsdesign

Software für Verpackungsdesign

  • 02  premedia/multichannel
  • 02.03  Online Service
  • 02.03.035  Brand Management (Corporate Design Publishing)

Brand Management (Corporate Design Publishing)

  • 02  premedia/multichannel
  • 02.04  E-Business Print
  • 02.04.025  Web-to-Print


  • 02  premedia/multichannel
  • 02.04  E-Business Print
  • 02.04.030  Editors


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Produktkategorie: Software für Katalogproduktion

2imagine online editor for Adobe InDesign

2imagine online editor is based on Adobe InDesign server. And with the easycatalog database publishing plugin from 65bit, catalogue publishing is available through a browser. 2imagine also supports Adobe InDesign books.

InDesign templates, prepared with easycatalog can be uploaded in 2imagine. End users can create catalogs with data coming from CSV, Excel or XML files. Also, product data can be retrieved from external content sources (PIM, ERP, DAM, CMS, ...) via webservices.

The online edited InDesign file can be downloaded by the designers and further processed on desktop. 
And uploaded again for editing by end users in a browsers.

A workflow streamlines the catalog production.

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Produktkategorie: Web-to-print Lösungen

2imagine online editor for Adobe InDesign

Highly configurable online editor for Adobe InDesign documents.
Brand protection by applying restrictions to the editable objects.
Users can edit text and images, either in WYSIWYG, translator, form or story editor mode.
Also an HTML5 version available of the editor.

API for easy integration in webshops and other custom webapplications.
Solution is based on Adobe InDesign server and therefor solid, scalable and professional (multi-channel) output.

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Produktkategorie: Software für Verpackungsdesign

2imagine online editor for Adobe Illustrator

Not only Adobe InDesign documents, but also Adobe Illustrator files can be edited online with the 2imagine editor. With the same brand protection and configurable User Interface.

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Produktkategorie: Brand Management (Corporate Design Publishing)

2imagine Brand Portal

2imagine Brand Portal offers a complete solution to manage and automate your Branding. All stakeholders collaborate online with Adobe InDesign documents, integrated with your DAM system and controlled with customizable Business Processes. Ideal for brand owners, retail business and publishers.

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Produktkategorie: Web-to-Print


Online editor for Adobe InDesign & Illustrator.
Via API & webservices partners can easily integrate in webshops or custom portals.

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Produktkategorie: Editors



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2imagine provides a complete Brand Management solution: a customizable brand portal with an online editor for Adobe InDesign documents, integrated with leading DAM systems.
The 2imagine collaboration workflow module will streamline the production of your publications.

Our solution is using an Adobe InDesign Server. A guarantee for a professional multi-channel output and a smooth process for importing and exporting native InDesign documents.
Available as a SAAS service or an on-premise installation.

Since 2003, 2imagine has been a pioneer in developing an online WYSIWYG editor for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator documents. At DRUPA 2016, we show our innovative solution for the RETAIL and AGENCY production process.

More than 100 companies worldwide are using 2imagine for their daily marketing production business, including: Yamaha, BoConcept, DC Comics, Bavaria, Beiersdorf, Renault, Ouest-France, Spotlight (AUS), but also many design agencies and smaller businesses. 2imagine is distributed through a worldwide network of professional, certified partners.

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