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  • 03.01  Buchbindereimaschinen und Druckweiterverarbeitungsmaschinen
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  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Buchbindereimaschinen und Druckweiterverarbeitungsmaschinen
  • 03.01.340  Prägefolienmaschinen


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Produktkategorie: Heißfolienprägemaschinen


SWIFT™ is an add on for printing presses to save foil, register holograms and apply patches. The system is designed to be movable to any printing station on the rail of narrow web printing presses. Therefore, high performance foil saving and insetting is available anywhere in the press. Due to its unique saving technology Pantec pSave, the system pays back investments within a very short period of time.

SWIFT™ fits perfectly with the Pantec GS Systems foil stamping units ELECTROMAN™ and FLOWMAN™. Pantec GS Systems Hot foil stamping technology is used and provided by the leading printing machines manufacturers.

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Produktkategorie: Heißfolienprägemaschinen

RHINO: Efficiency for small & medium volume luxury packaging

The flatbed foil embossing system RHINO™ brings the quality of sheet fed hot foil embossing, attractive patch placement for prestige markets and hologram stamping for security into web presses.
With its web speed of up to 150 m/min RHINO™ is consistently designed for in-line economy. Previously developed for the label business, RHINO™ transfers the efficiency of label production into luxury packaging, e.g. 60’000 chocolate packs per hour.

RHINO™ at a glance:
• High frequency stamping for high press speed (up to 25´000 strokes/h)
• Quick job change (no format parts) for high press availability
• Crosswise foiling and multistroking allow single pass production of multifoil designs
• Reduced per-unit costs (no off-line preparation, less maculation)
• Up to two foil saving servos
• Significantly reduced cycle times for orders
• Leading Technology for brilliant designs

The high performance flatbed embossing system RHINO™ is the key to move small & medium volume luxury packaging jobs from costly sheet fed operation to highly efficient web operation.

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Produktkategorie: Heißfolienprägemaschinen

CHEETAH: Efficiency for High Volume luxury packaging

Hotfoils and Holograms are important for marketing to give an extraordinary look and to add security features to packaging. Both technologies offer the possibility to brand owners to shape their brand image as well as to attract customers on the point of sales.
The rotary hotfoil stamping and hologram insetting system CHEETAH™ can operate with a web speed of up to 150 m/min and allows in-line integration to fast rotogravure presses to do single pass manufacturing of high volume luxury packaging. Alternatively CHEETAH™ is available as a powerful off-line refining station.

CHEETAH™ at a glance:
• High performance vacuum foil saver technology
• Precision hologram placement
• Pre-loaded impression cylinder for production speed up to 150m/min
• Optionally CHEETAH™ can be equipped for hot foil embossing

The high performance rotary foil stamping & hologram insetting system CHEETAH™ is the key to move high volume luxury packaging jobs from costly sheet fed operation to highly efficient web operation.

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Pantec GS Systems AG provides efficient, high quality print refining solutions for label-, packaging- and security printing industries.
Sophisticated high performance rotary and flatbed hot foil stamping & embossing, high frequency vacuum foil saving, precision high speed hologram placement, heated mandrels, security perforation and format-variable sheeters are key focus of Pantec GS Systems. Leading printers in all sectors, as well as worldwide operating groups, rely on Pantec GS Systems products for efficiency refining and differentiation.

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