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  • 03.02.090  Rollenschneidemaschinen und Rollenwickelmaschinen

Rollenschneidemaschinen und Rollenwickelmaschinen

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.120  Herstellungsmaschinen für Dosen aus Papier, Pappe und Karton

Herstellungsmaschinen für Dosen aus Papier, Pappe und Karton

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  • 03.02.160  Hülsenabstechmaschinen und Hülsenteilmaschinen

Hülsenabstechmaschinen und Hülsenteilmaschinen

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  • 03.02.165  Hülsenschneidmaschinen und Hülsenwickelmaschinen

Hülsenschneidmaschinen und Hülsenwickelmaschinen

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  • 03.02.200  Schachtel-Herstellungsmaschinen


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Produktkategorie: Rollenschneidemaschinen und Rollenwickelmaschinen

Slitter Rewinder

The narrow paper webs which are necessary for tube winding, are cut on the slitter - rewinder. Sometimes it is not an advantage to purchase these rolls from outside sources since the web widths are often changing due to tube diameter, wall thickness, etc.

An additional advantage of an own slitter - rewinder is that it is possible to buy low-prices remnants (trim rolls), which are, however, still wide enough to cut paper strips out of them for winding.

Guschky GmbH supply two different slitter - rewinders:
The popular-priced model ABA for manufacturing simple standard rolls and the faster model ABB with automatic web tension control and all features necessary to slit the rolls for tube winding at peak performance.


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Produktkategorie: Herstellungsmaschinen für Dosen aus Papier, Pappe und Karton

Spiral Winding Machine

Guschky spiral winding machines are strong, extremely robust and well known for their longevity. We guarantee cost efficient production, highest and constant quality of the goods manufactured.

The solution is called ‘Spiral Winding’. Guschky is manufacturing such spiral tube winding machines since 1950. More than 1000 installations have been supplied up to now throughout the world.

Small tubes of a few millimetre in diameter as well as large volume barrels can be manufactured on spiral winding machines. There are tubes with only two paper layers, but also some with 25 mm of wall thickness, means i.e. 40 plies.

The diameter range can be between 5 mm and up to 1.5 m.

The cut-off length can be 10 mm, as for a roll of adhesive tape, or over 10 meters, as for winding cores needed in paper mills.



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Produktkategorie: Hülsenschneidmaschinen und Hülsenwickelmaschinen

Core Cutting Unit

Current innovative Servo - cutting techniques in conjunction with proven technology ensure the perfect finish of your products.

We install circular knives, high speed saws or a combination of both depending on product specific requirements.


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Produktkategorie: Schachtel-Herstellungsmaschinen

Core Palletizer, type HP

For bundling up and stacking of cores on pallets.

Guschky builds not only reliable production systems but also suitable packaging systems. The following options are, on principle, available for this task:

1. Short tubes and cores can be packed in carton-trays, in cartons or stillages.

2. Medium and long tubes up to 10 m are usually stacked and bundled with gantry cranes or simple fork-lift carriers.



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