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Van der Wekken Grafische Machines B.V.

De Kolk 54, 8255 PE Swifterbant
Telefon +31 321 323198
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Produktkategorie: Bogenoffsetdruckmaschinen ohne Bogenwendeeinrichtung

Heidelberg XL 106-10P

Year 2012View In productionPrints 216 mio.Availability


InPress control with two measuring bars;

Prinect Press Center with Wallscreen;

HyColor dampening units with Technotrans CombiStar Pro;

VARIO system;

Preset Plus feeder;

Preset Plus delivery;

Autom. Wash-up devices for inking rollers;

Autom. Wash-up devices for blanket and impression cylinders;

Heidelberg Autoplate XL;

Technotrans Inking unit temperature control;



Steelplate feeder and delivery;

Weko AP500 powderspray;

CleanStar powerexhauster;


AirStar watercooled;

Technotrans BETA.F;

Color Assistant;


Perfecting 10/0-5/5;

Heidelberg tapesuction feederbelt max. 15.000 sheets per hour.

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Produktkategorie: Bogenoffsetdruckmaschinen ohne Bogenwendeeinrichtung

1.jpgHeidelberg XL 106-8P


Prinect Press Center;


Inpress control with 2 measuring bars;

Autoplate XL;

Hycolor dampening units with Technotrans BETA CombiStar refrigeration and re-circulation unit;

Preset Plus feeder;

Preset Plus delivery;

Inking unit Temperature control, Technotrans;

Autom. Wash-up devices for inking rollers;

Autom. Wash-up devices for blanket and impression cylinders;

PullLay double sheet control;

InkStar direct;

Anti-Static advanced feeder and delivery;

FilterStar, Filtration system;

Weko AP500 DUO PowderStar;

AirStar Pro watercooled;

ScrollStar Plus 2;

CleanStar powder exhauster;

Steelplate feeder and delivery;

Delivery X1;

Acoustic package;

Perfecting 8-0 / 4/4;

Heidelberg tapesuction feederbelt 18.000 sheets per hour;

Press Center WallScreen application;

Press Center Netprofiler;

Press Center Color Assistant pro;

Press Center Instant Gate;

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Produktkategorie: Bogenoffsetdruckmaschinen ohne Bogenwendeeinrichtung

KBA Rapida 106 SIS-6+L CX FAPC ALV2


High-Speed package – up to 20.000 sh/hCX package – up to 1.2 mm thickness

ErgoTronic Professional console with ColorTronic ink metering, 19” TouchScreen

Wallscreen – for visualisation of all processes

ErgoTronic ColorDrive – online X-direction colour measurement device

QualiTronic LiveView – realtime transmission each printed sheet

QualiTronic PileView – to enable virtual assessment of the good and waste sheet within a printed pile

DriveTronic SIS feeder – side-lay free lateral alignment (not suitable for foil)

CleanTronic – multipurpose washing system for blankets, impression cylinder and inking rollers

DriveTronic SRW – Simultaneous Roller Wash for 3 printing units (PU 1+4+6)

ErgoTronic ACR – Automatic Camera Register for automatic and exact register checking and correction

FAPC – fully-automatic plate change incl. pneumatic plate bending device

DriveTronic feeder – non-stop-feeder, automatic

Anti-Static device, high-performance version

Dust removal at feeder


Cardboard equipment with mechanical guide elements (> 600 g/m2)

Camara system for monitoring sheet traveling feeder and delivery

Sheet travel control

High-tech combi-cooling unit Technotrans beta.c

Technotrans filter-unit beta.f

Inking unit temperature control incl. ductor cooling

Differential drive to eliminate hickeys

Coating unit (L) Harris & Bruno chambered doctor blade for conventional coatings

Harris & Bruno coating supply and cleaning system for conventional coatings

KBA VariDry BLUE IR/Hot-air dryer in the delivery and extended delivery

Extended delivery ALV2 = 2400 mm

AirTronic delivery – non-stop-Rollo-delivery

EES – Emission Extraction System

Powder Max – powder-spray

3 pressure stages electronically controlled air cabinet

High-pressure compressor for setting pneumatics

Press raised 450 mm

Air-cooled machine

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Über uns


Company history
Van der Wekken BV was founded in 1996 and focussed on the sale of graphic machinery. Expert knowledge and reliability ensure success. In a matter of a few years, hundreds of printing units were installed (just) in the Netherlands.

By 1998, the company moved to new premises centrally situated in Swifterband, where there was sufficient space for a showroom, workshop and offices. In 2007, the business accommodation was extended once again.

In 2010 the enterprise has grown into an effective and decisive organisation that is active throughout Europe – and far beyond.

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