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In Mould Labels

Integrated IML solutions
Ti's portfolio of IML films enables the widest choice of finishes from metallic and glossy to satin finish and orange peel that enhance brand differentiation.
All Ti films designs enable exceptional performance in molding and conversion. Properties such as excellent printability, easy die-cutting, static performance combined with stacking and destacking really make the difference.
The latest addition to the portfolio is Titanium™, a new metallic IML film developed to give high visual impact to the final product with either a mirrored reflective "brilliance" finish, or an eye-catching "gunmetal" matte finish.
The main applications of IML films are:

• Ice cream
• Confectionery
• Gourmet foods
• Children boxes (lunch, toys, storage)
• Household products

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Produktkategorie: Kaschierfolien

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Global portfolio
Taghleef is developing the widest global portfolio of PSL films in the industry.
In addition to all the typical facestock looks—from a “no label” look to white, pearlized, and metallic—Ti offers these films in both coated and non top coated versions.
Ti’s proprietary top coat has been designed and performs as one of the most versatile print surfaces in the industry. It is available across all types.
Global availability of integrated top coat and film solutions makes Ti PSL films one of the best choices for labels for many applications such as health and beauty, household products, beverages, luxury products and even durable goods.

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WAL Roll Fed Labels

Labels embracing bottles
Ti offers a selection of roll-fed label films with different aesthetics, suitable for all common gluing systems and applicable at high labeling speeds.
The product portfolio varies from the most common high yield white voided films to transparent, matte, and metallized grades. Ti's lamination films are superior for ease of conversion and labeling performance. Our transparent films are highly appreciated in the bottled water segment for their perfect clarity where a "no-label" look is desired.
These films are primarily used in the beverage market where high productivity at exceptional value is the market expectation.

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Über uns


Headquartered in Dubai, (U.A.E.), Taghleef Industries (Ti) is one of the largest global manufacturers of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BoPP), cast polypropylene films (CPP), biaxially oriented polylactic acid and biodegradable films (BoPLA) offering a standard and speciality film manufacturing capacity of more than 500,000 tons.
Since its inception, the Ti Group has grown by both acquiring in strategic manufacturing entities around the world and investing in new capacities for its organic growth strategy. Today, Ti has eleven manufacturing facilities on six continents: 2 facilities in Asia/Middle East (Dubai, Oman), 3 in Europe (Italy, Hungary and Spain) and one each in Australia (Wodonga), Africa (Egypt), USA (Indiana), Canada (Québec) and 2 in Latin America (Colombia and Mexico).
Ti also has distribution centres in Germany, UK, France, Portugal, South Africa and El Salvador, and representative offices in China, Malaysia and India. In support of this global supply network, Ti has five prime R&D centres across the globe where our products and process technologies, application developments and polymer expertise are deployed to advance the innovative packaging solutions expected in the market.
Ti offers a wide range of standard and speciality BoPP films, suitable for the following purpose:
Food packaging (e.g. snacks, confectionery, dairy, frozen foods and fresh-cut produce); 
Label films designed for many types of labelling technologies such as In-Mould, WAL Roll-Fed, WAL Cut&Stack, Self-Adhesive/Pressure Sensitive (liner & face stock) and SHAPE360™ Shrink Labels;
Technical applications (tobacco, overwrap, gift paper, flower wrap, adhesive tapes, etc.).
Ti's brand portfolio includes unique brands such as:
Derprosa™ Premium Luxury Film Line serving the graphic arts, publishing and luxury folding carton markets. DL SoFT TOUcH® film, the original tactile film, is also included;
EXTENDO®, a range of thin barrier films, combining the advantages of BoPP films with the performances typically exhibited by other high barrier polymers. The EXTENDO® product line provides innovative barrier solutions with a reduced packaging weight, improved recyclability and lower environmental impact ;
NATIVIA® biodegradable BoPLA, used in many packaging sectors that demonstrates Ti’s commitment in offering sustainable packaging solutions to our customers;
SynDECOR®, technical films for decorative overlay.
Titanium™ a new, metallic film designed for In Mould Labels. It promotes high value, elegance feel and brand differentiation that result in a stunning high gloss presentation in the final product.
SHAPE360™ shrink label films for a 360° product decoration.

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