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KYMC - Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.

No. 8, Jingke Rd. Nantun Dist., 40852 Taichung City
Telefon +886 4 23593830-114
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Breitbahn Rollenflexodruckmaschinen

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Produktkategorie: Breitbahn Rollenflexodruckmaschinen

SFX (The Room Saving Press)

The SFX is an environmental friendly stack press that could run on water based inks. With SFX, you could obtain the closest print quality to a central impression press. If you are looking for a room saving option with decent print quality this is the press for you to customize.


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Produktkategorie: Breitbahn Rollenflexodruckmaschinen

CI Flexo

KYMC has been producing the finest CI Flexo Presses for over 40 years. KYMC is one of the global leaders in producing the finest CI flexo presses. You should consider CI flexo presses if you are looking to...

Producing the finest print quality
Excellence in print registration control
Maximum automation
High press speed
Connecting to existing IT systems, fulfilling the Industrial 4.0 strategies
Ability to monitor your press operation and performance
Environmental friendly (Water based ink / EB ink)

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Produktkategorie: Breitbahn Rollenflexodruckmaschinen

Inline Flexo

The Inline printing press to help you add to your production line. Compatible to connect to other existing printing and converting equipment efficiently. You should consider Inline flexo printing presses if you are looking to...

Flexible production line setup
Printing on folding cartons and corrugated boards (Moduflex)
Corrugated preprint
Wide range of printing product demand

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About Us
Since founded in 1968, KYMC has been producing a new generation of printing and converting equipment for the global market. To date, KYMC has served customers in more than 90 countries and has installed more than 2,800 devices. Our rich experiences and innovative DNA helped us to win over the trusts and supports of global customers in the flexible packaging industry. KYMC works with world-renowned and reputable suppliers to ensure the best performance and reliability of our equipment. Local support and services are also provided in various countries. The main advantage of KYMC is the quick return on investment of the machine, the direct service of the management and the use of the best components. We help our customers stay ahead of the competition and maintain market share. We believe that the trust of our customers comes from the accumulation of our quality services. The excellence comes from our enthusiasm towards work. Through positive attitudes and the extensive training that we provide internally and externally, the KYMC team are always ready to serve you at our best.

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