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Produktkategorie: UV-härtende Lacke, UV-Lacke

Blister-calendering varnish

Sumei offers high quality blister-calendering varnish with cost-effective prices.

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Produktkategorie: UV-härtende Lacke, UV-Lacke

Ultraviolet gloss lamination

Sumei offers a complete range of high-qulaity UV gloss lamination products including models of wear-resistant, explosion-proof, high light-sensitivity, food-friendly and matte, with great prices. We can also customize UV top coat to meet clients' special needs.

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Produktkategorie: UV-härtende Lacke, UV-Lacke

Water-based gloss lamination

Sumei water-based gloss lamination product has superior quality, suitable for high-speed printing production line. It is a green product that is cost-effective and FDA-standardized.

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Über uns


Established in 1971, Sumei is a leader in the research and manufacture of polymer resins.

Our products include acrylic, polyurethane, and ultra-violet curing resins for the adhesive, coating, printing, textile, and specialty chemical industries.

Sumei Chemical is headquartered in Taipei Taiwan and has manufacturing sites in Taoyuan Taiwan, Dongguan China, and Kunshan China. Sumei delivers products and services in the China and Taiwan markets and exports to North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and Africa.

At Sumei, we understand the impacts of chemical on the environment. We invest to in our communities to protect the environment and to achieve sustainable growth, delivering superior products to our customers.

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