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Web-to-print Lösungen

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Software für Verpackungsdesign

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Produktkategorie: Personalisierungssoftware, Web-to-print Lösungen

Customer's Canvas

Customer’s Canvas is a set of components that help you build e-commerce or any other website involving any sort of design or product personalization.

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Produktkategorie: Software für Verpackungsdesign

Customer's Canvas Packaging

Customer’s Canvas Packaging is a web-to-print API that integrates into any website and streamlines the creation of personalized packaging products. Customers can design their packaging without leaving your site, visualize finished products in a realistic 3D preview, and export them to a print-ready output.

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Customer’s Canvas to streamline the creation of web-to-print for Shopify-based storefronts

The web-to-print software vendor announces a new service that helps printers add product personalization functionality to Shopify-based storefronts.

This service is tailored to help those who want to offer online product personalization navigate the maze of web-to-print technology.

“From our experience, small and medium-sized vendors often lack the technical expertise and resources to launch a web-to-print project,” states Dmitry Sevostyanov, CEO at Customer’s Canvas. “This is a serious burden that prevents many companies from initiating them.”

The new offering includes the following steps:

  1. Discuss the goals of the project and the outcome. During this step, our engineers collect the client’s project requirements and define the project scope.
  2. Build a proof-of-concept to validate the feasibility of the project and demonstrate it to the client.
  3. Deploy the web-to-print integration and set up the online storefront.
  4. Train the client’s employees on managing the storefront.
  5. Provide support and updates.

The main distinction from other solutions is that customers don’t need to have programming resources or infrastructure. Customer’s Canvas provides the complete development cycle, which is based on its own comprehensive web-to-print technology stack and vast experience in implementing web-to-print projects of any complexity.

From a technological perspective, the service is based on two main assets: a web-to-print editor and the brand-new technology called BackOffice that simplifies the workflows for managing a web-to-print integration so that even non-technical staff can handle it.

“We decided to offer a service for Shopify-based storefronts because this e-commerce platform is easy to set up and use, yet powerful – both things that have made this platform so popular these days,” Dmitry continues. “Much like our service, Shopify helps users focus on their core business and gets rid of the headache of setup and maintenance while providing a comprehensive web-to-print solution.”

Customer’s Canvas offers a free consultation for businesses that want to begin a web-to-print project but aren’t sure how to approach it. To receive a consultation, please contact our sales representatives at

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Image composition, design personalization, and prepress automation for print service providers.

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