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Laakirchen Papier AG

Schillerstr. 5, 4663 Laakirchen

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Wilfried Heinzel AG


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Thomas Komin

Head of Sales grapho

Schillerstraße 5
4663 Laakirchen, Österreich

+43 7613 8800-0


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Zeitschriftenpapiere und Katalogpapiere ungestrichen

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Produktkategorie: Zeitschriftenpapiere und Katalogpapiere ungestrichen

Grapho (supercalendered uncoated paper)

Grapho is an eco-friendly publication paper made from 100% recovered fibres. Grapho SC paper is the perfect choice for advertising materials, newspaper supplements, magazines and catalogs.

Product: Supercalendered uncoated paper
Qualities: graphoLogIQ, graphoSet, graphoMotion (also available with certificate "Der Blaue Engel")
Substance: 40-60 gsm
Printing method: heatset weboffset
Format: Reels

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Laakirchen Papier AG is one of the leading producers of eco-friendly publication  paper (SC paper named "Grapho") for heatset weboffset printing and packaging paper (containerboard named "Starboard) for smart packaging solutions situated in Laakirchen (Austria).

Grapho is produced on PM11 with an annual production capacity of more than 330,000 tons.
Starboard is produced on PM10 with an annual production capacity of 450,000 tons.

Laakirchen Papier AG is a subsidiary of the international Heinzel Group, with is one of the biggest producers of market pulp and packaging paper in Central and Eastern Europe with its industrial locations Zellstoff Pöls, Laakirchen Papier (both Austria), Raubling Papier (Germany) and Estonian Cell (Estonia). Magazine paper rounds off the group's range. Its trade area includes Wilfried Heinzel AG, a globally active pulp, paper and board trading company, and Europapier International AG, the leading wholesale company in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, Bunzl & Biach is the largest and most important recycled paper company in Austria and a top wholesaler in Central and Eastern Europe.

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